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Are We Better Off Under Obama? It Might Not Matter

Pundits and poll-watchers alike agreed that in 1980, Ronald Reagan was frozen in the polls just below the threshold needed to beat unpopular President Jimmy Carter. Voters strongly disapproved of Carter’s handling of the economy, but they just couldn’t see

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Hoosier Votes Might Decide Senate Control

A lot of people I’ve talked to have told me their vote for president doesn’t matter that much since Indiana’s a not a swing state (we break 53-39 for Romney). While that may be true, an equally important Senate battle

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Awkward Timing For New Romney Tax Data

The veil around Mitt Romney’s personal tax history was lifted a little more yesterday when new data came out on the candidate’s 2011 filings. But that’s what’s so perplexing.

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Finally, Romney Campaign Returning to Message

As I pointed out last week, President Obama’s been handling the unrest in the Middle East just as well as any Republican would – which made Mitt Romney’s criticism tour last cycle look very unbecoming.

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Obama Handling Consulate Violence Like A Republican

Contrary to what we hear on right-wing talk radio (yes, I listen to it too!), President Obama is not a total failure when it comes to foreign policy. His reaction to today’s continuing violence in Yemen, Libya, and Egypt over

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