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Tonight’s Debate – Quick Hits

I think a quick recap is in order since the last time I wrote something on here. Thankfully, with my first major round of exams behind me, I have a chance to give just that.

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Awkward Timing For New Romney Tax Data

The veil around Mitt Romney’s personal tax history was lifted a little more yesterday when new data came out on the candidate’s 2011 filings. But that’s what’s so perplexing.

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Finally, Romney Campaign Returning to Message

As I pointed out last week, President Obama’s been handling the unrest in the Middle East just as well as any Republican would – which made Mitt Romney’s criticism tour last cycle look very unbecoming.

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Disappointment a Powerful Weapon for GOP

You’d be surprised: even under the powerful microscope of the national media, country-wide politicking is as much about trial and error as it is about staying the course. That’s a lesson Mitt Romney’s team finally seems to be learning.

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