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Scott Walker has Sizable Lead with Mere Days Remaining

I Stand With Walker

Governor Scott Walker is leading Democractic challenger Tom Barrett 52% to 45%, according to a just-released Marquette Law School poll. The conservative hero of Wisconsin has been under assault from teachers unions (if only Chris Christie were there…) and liberal

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Romney Dominates Obama Among Veterans

A new Gallup poll indicates that Mitt Romney is leading President Obama by double digits when it comes to the veteran vote. The former Massachusetts Governor leads Obama 58-34 among voters who have served (or are currently serving) in the

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It is the Soldier

On today’s Memorial Day holiday, I thought this poem would be a poignant reminder of the role our military plays in the continuation of our Republican tradition. It was written by Charles Province (not Fr. Denis O’Brien, who is sometimes

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It’s no Laffing Matter: Raising Revenue by Lowering Taxes

Welcome to Reaganomics 101, folks. All Modern Conservatives agree that taxes need to be reduced so we don’t penalize people for being productive. All Modern Conservatives also agree that a balanced budget keeps America safe. So how can we reconcile

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The World We’ll Inherit: A Brief Look at Tomorrow, by the Numbers

As many of us prepare to graduate, what kind of world will we be stepping out into? I saw the first edition of this video when I was still a underclassman in high school; the updated stats in today’s video

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