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Obama gives Congress a Christmas pay raise

If you found all the entitled grumbling from Senators and Representatives about missing “family events” to stay in Washington and clean up their own mess as infuriating and pathetic as I did, you may want to look away – this

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Hoosier Votes Might Decide Senate Control

A lot of people I’ve talked to have told me their vote for president doesn’t matter that much since Indiana’s a not a swing state (we break 53-39 for Romney). While that may be true, an equally important Senate battle

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Mourdock Beating Lugar by Double Digits With Primary Days Away

Indiana has made the national news! We Hoosiers are so excited – it’s not everyday you see the word “Indiana” on’s home page! Today’s reason for infamy? A new poll has just been released that puts tea-party challenger Richard

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Richard Lugar Fights for His (Political) Life

I paid a visit to politico today, and on the front page, in big letters, I see the headline:┬áRichard Lugar, the Grandfather of the Indiana GOP, Fights for Reelection I didn’t realize Lugar’s battle for a record-setting seventh consecutive term

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