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DYNAMO Predicts Mitt Wins Big in Florida

Well, I’m not one on making big predictions (chuckle), but anyone who’s been following the recent primary madness can tell you that Mitt is going to do well tonight in Florida. That he will win is not disputable; the question is

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Dan Burton Calls it Quits

Veteran Representative Dan Burton, R-IN, has decided that seeking re-election wasn’t in his best interest. After winning his most recent re-election campaign by his slimmest margin in years (after being seriously challenged in his primary), Burton was undoubtedly prompted to

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The Case for a Bloody Primary

Remember less than a month ago when we were declaring the primaries all wrapped up? We couldn’t have been more wrong! The last three primaries have all yielded conflicting results, with Mitt, Rick and Newt each taking one for themselves.

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Quick Post: Thumbs Up, Taoist

I was surfing the blogosphere (Blogocube? Blogonet? Who’s to say it’s a sphere?) and found a blog I really like. Basically, this guy, Taoist, is advocating a smaller and more efficient government. If it’s not immediately clear, he’s pretty conservative

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Ahead of the Curve: The Next 5 Days

Here’s a little preview of what we’re going to be talking about for the next couple days: The Case for… a Bloody Primary: Many conservatives are saying this primary is getting too ugly. We’ll look at why, in fact, it

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