Obama Handling Consulate Violence Like A Republican

Contrary to what we hear on right-wing talk radio (yes, I listen to it too!), President Obama is not a total failure when it comes to foreign policy. His reaction to today’s continuing violence in Yemen, Libya, and Egypt over a controversial and obscure video actually resembles something a Republican president would do.

Consider this – in the aftermath of the first embassy attack in Cairo, President Obama immediately distanced himself from the embassy’s apology (seriously, apologizing for getting attacked makes no sense). Then, he deployed US marines, warships, and drones to the region to hunt down the killers of US ambassador Christopher Stevens, who died in another assault on the US consulate in Benghazi. All the while, he’s pointed no fingers at specific perpetrators because we don’t know enough about them.

This is undoubtedly prudent. No need to blame the wrong people and have two groups mad at you. Violent situations like these feed on chaos; what’s needed is firm but directed action. As famous NASA flight director Gene Kranz once said, “guessing only makes it worse.”

America is, of course, waging war on the embassy attackers with the less-than-public consent of the other nations involved. Conservatives should be proud that we’re acting unilaterally to protect our people and our interests. After all, it sounds like something a Republican would do!

Obama has been quick to anger and slow to judge. He’s mobilized the necessary resources to hunt down the terrorist responsible (rumors have it that the FBI is also involved), and he’s said clearly that justice will be served. This is coming from a guy that gave the go-ahead to kill bin Laden.

Republicans, take heed – Obama’s plays are coming from your playbook. Criticize his response in, say, Libya, and risk looking hypocritical.

– Mike

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2 comments on “Obama Handling Consulate Violence Like A Republican
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