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Paul Ryan is Right About Medicare

Paul Ryan has just decided to add his name to the long list of Romney endorsers today by saying that Mitt has the “skills, the¬†tenacity, the principles and the courage to put America back on track.” That last asset, courage,

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Why the Supreme Court Should Overturn Obamacare

This is a piece written by Ilya Somin, associate law professor at George Mason University. The article is featured on CNN’s website. I can claim no credit for its creation – but I do want to share it with you,

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Story About Obama Daughter’s Trip to Mexico Pulled From Internet

Fame is fleeting, but the internet is forever. Unless, of course, you’re President Barack and First Lady Michele Obama’s daughter, Malia. Malia and her friends¬†took a trip to Mexico recently, accompanied by 25 Secret Service agents. When some news organizations,

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Santorum Wins in Kansas, but Romney Lead Grows

I’d like to apologize for the lack of content this weekend. I’ve been crazy busy giving speeches this over the last few days… I kind of felt like I was running for office! I’ll get into more detail on the

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Crazy, Confusing Super Tuesday

What happened last night was probably the best political theater an observer could hope for. The see-saw battle for the nomination was manifest more than ever before, thanks to some crazy momentum swings and back-and-forth, high stakes struggles: First, Romney

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