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North Korean nuclear test shows our policies aren’t working

When the USGS announced that it had picked up seismic activity near P’unggye, it was immediately clear the 5.1 magnitude quake wasn’t natural – it was caused by an atomic bomb.

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Syria preparing chemical weapons to counter rebel push

President Barack Obama re-iterated a pledge he made months ago yesterday when he warned embattled Syrian President Bashir al-Assad that any use of chemical weapons would “cross a red line” with the United States.

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China passes military milestone with first carrier landing

Earlier today, the Chinese military announced that it had successfully landed its first-generation J-15 fighter jet on the deck of its new aircraft carrier, bringing the People’s Republic one step closer to challenging the U.S. Navy for dominance of the

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10 years, 12,000 rockets later, Israel ready to strike back

After enduring a decade of rocket attacks from terrorists and the quasi-legitimate Hamas government in Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has his country poised for an all out ground war with Palestine.

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Obama Handling Consulate Violence Like A Republican

Contrary to what we hear on right-wing talk radio (yes, I listen to it too!), President Obama is not a total failure when it comes to foreign policy. His reaction to today’s continuing violence in Yemen, Libya, and Egypt over

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