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Egyptians Breach US Embassy, Tear Down Flag on 9/11 Anniversairy

If Americans stormed the Egyptian embassy and ripped down their flag on a day of national mourning, we’d be globally criticized as disrespectful and insensitive – and rightly so. But there hasn’t been much uproar from the rest of the

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Teacher’s Strike a Teachable Moment for Chicago Mayor

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is stuck between a rock in a hard place. On his left are striking teachers, angered over benefits and evaluation programs. On his right are taxpayers and parents concerned about their schools and their tax money. What’s a man to

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Hackers Claim to Have Romney Tax Returns

Remember how we were talking about hacktivism a while back? Well, it sure didn’t take long for that issue to pop up in this year’s presidential election.

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New Debt Landmark Makes for Awkward DNC Opener

Last week, Rett talked about “bad optics” for the Republican National Convention in Tampa. This week, it’s the Democrats’ turn to experience some irony as they gather in the Tarheel State to sell four more years of President Obama.

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From the Editor’s Desk: WOOHOO!

We interrupt this program to bring you a brief message from your editor! Your regularly scheduled programming will resume at its normal time following this announcement…

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