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Allowing women in combat? A no-brainer

The push for a woman’s right to serve on the front lines seems like one of the strangest moves for gender equality to a lot of us guys.

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Obama Handling Consulate Violence Like A Republican

Contrary to what we hear on right-wing talk radio (yes, I listen to it too!), President Obama is not a total failure when it comes to foreign policy. His reaction to today’s continuing violence in Yemen, Libya, and Egypt over

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Rest of World Souring on Obama’s Presidency

According to a new poll released by the Pew Research Center, the People’s Republic of China doesn’t have a very rosy assessment of President Obama anymore. When Candidate Obama had just won the election in 2008, countries around the world

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The World We’ll Inherit: A Brief Look at Tomorrow, by the Numbers

As many of us prepare to graduate, what kind of world will we be stepping out into? I saw the first edition of this video when I was still a underclassman in high school; the updated stats in today’s video

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