The World We’ll Inherit: A Brief Look at Tomorrow, by the Numbers

Night Earth

The balance of world power is shifting eastward – what can the US do to keep ahead of the competition?

As many of us prepare to graduate, what kind of world will we be stepping out into?

I saw the first edition of this video when I was still a underclassman in high school; the updated stats in today’s video are actually much more pronounced…

The world is changing in extraordinary ways. Every American needs to be informed of the demographic growing and stretching our planet is about to undergo, lest America be left behind.

In light of the facts we just learned, we have to ask ourselves some deep questions. Is our current system of government adequate for what’s to come? What changes politically will we as a nation have to undergo to succeed? Does government represent the best chance for America to remain on top, or is private industry a more sure-footed savior? How will challenges like the national debt or a broken entitlement system obstruct our growth, and what can we do to overcome them?

If you read DYNAMO often, you can probably guess our answers. But today’s post isn’t about us. It’s about you. So make your voice heard in the comments below and tell us: What must happen for America to adapt, survive, and thrive in the changing world order?

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One comment on “The World We’ll Inherit: A Brief Look at Tomorrow, by the Numbers
  1. […] report by the National Intelligence Council (available on Scribd) confirms what many world-watchers have long been foretelling – that by 2030, emerging powers like China, Brazil, India and Russia will be in position to […]

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