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Unhappy Unions Punish Democratic Convention

While the GOP is ramping up its own convention efforts in Tampa, its Democratic counterpart in Charlotte is struggling. Advertisements

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Scott Walker has Sizable Lead with Mere Days Remaining

I Stand With Walker

Governor Scott Walker is leading Democractic challenger Tom Barrett 52% to 45%, according to a just-released Marquette Law School poll. The conservative hero of Wisconsin has been under assault from teachers unions (if only Chris Christie were there…) and liberal

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Chris Christie Takes it To ‘Em

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Chris Christie, but this video will tell you a lot about him really quickly. He’s tough, smart, aggressive, and can speak in terms everyone can understand. My friend Joe showed

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Unions Plan Super Bowl Chaos

The Great State of Indiana has finally passed its right to work legislation after a bitter battle in both houses of the state congress, re-adding the law to the books after it was repealed in 1965. But with a Republican

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