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Survey: I need your help!

Sunday’s a day of introspection, and today’s no exception. I’m thinking of making some major changes to DYNAMO_politics and I want your feedback to guide them.

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Chris Christie destroys John Boehner, GOP on delayed Sandy relief

A livid Chris Christie let the world know how angry he was at the House’s refusal to vote on an aid package for his devastated state last night in a live press conference as cameras rolled. He named names –

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Sometimes, it pays to be moderate

A year ago, in the face of almost universal conservative opposition to raising taxes to deal with the national debt, I urged Republicans to accept a politically uncomfortable compromise. In light of House Speaker John Boehner’s failed attempt at a

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GOP now home to nation’s only black senator

We Republicans aren’t known as a very diverse bunch, which is something I’ve been trying to change for a long time. That’s why I was so excited to hear that Nikki Haley, the female, Indian-American governor of South Carolina, has

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Fox News wants Karl Rove, Dick Morris off the air

In this latest chapter of post-election deck reshuffling, Fox News president Roger Ailes issued strict instructions that former George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove and conservative pundit  Dick Morris are to be kept off his shows until he says otherwise.

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