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While Republicans offer compromise, Democrats ready to jump off the fiscal cliff

If all your friends jumped off a fiscal cliff, would you go over after them? Apparently some congressional Democrats are considering it, reasoning that failure to deal with the nation’s “perfect storm” of spending and revenue problems would be politically

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Teacher’s Strike a Teachable Moment for Chicago Mayor

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is stuck between a rock in a hard place. On his left are striking teachers, angered over benefits and evaluation programs. On his right are taxpayers and parents concerned about their schools and their tax money. What’s a man to

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Scott Walker has Sizable Lead with Mere Days Remaining

I Stand With Walker

Governor Scott Walker is leading Democractic challenger Tom Barrett 52% to 45%, according to a just-released Marquette Law School poll. The conservative hero of Wisconsin has been under assault from teachers unions (if only Chris Christie were there…) and liberal

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It’s no Laffing Matter: Raising Revenue by Lowering Taxes

Welcome to Reaganomics 101, folks. All Modern Conservatives agree that taxes need to be reduced so we don’t penalize people for being productive. All Modern Conservatives also agree that a balanced budget keeps America safe. So how can we reconcile

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10 “Easy” Steps We Can Take to Balance the Budget

In 2010, Erskine Bowles and former Senator Alan Simpson released a bold plan to cut the deficit and balance the budget. Democrats and Republicans alike, however, rejected the plan by a 382-38 curbstomp in the House in late March of this year. While the plan

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The Rich Don’t Pay Their Fair Share? A Look at the Facts, Not Fantasy

I just saw a debate on CNN between Justin Ruben (not Justin Bieber, like my brother thought) and Anderson Cooper. Ruben insisted that Republicans were making “a war on women” with the election, and were pitting women against students to

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If the Federal Budget Were Your Family’s Budget…

It seems that just about nobody knows what a trillion-dollar national debt really means. In a recent survey, only 21% of people correctly stated how many zeroes were in a trillion – about how many would have gotten it right

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