Romney Dominates Obama Among Veterans

A new Gallup poll indicates that Mitt Romney is leading President Obama by double digits when it comes to the veteran vote. The former Massachusetts Governor leads Obama 58-34 among voters who have served (or are currently serving) in the military. The President suffers from this 24% gap despite the fact that his administration can lay claim to Osama bin Laden’s death. One can only speculate how much larger Obama’s deficit would be if bin Laden had not been found…

The veteran vote has serious implications for the national election. 24% of American males have served in at least one branch of the armed forces.

Romney Breakdown

Mitt Romney’s lead among veterans could translate into much larger electoral gains – click to enlarge image.

As you can see on the graphic above, President Obama has a slim 2% lead over his conservative challenger with non-veteran voters. The race, however, is still tied up because of Romney’s massive advantage among those who have served their country. Many states also have large military bases located within their borders, and since political views are often inherited, families of veterans in swing states such as North Carolina (home of Ft. Bragg) or Ohio (Wright-Patterson AFB is the 5th largest state employer) could also play a big role this cycle.

While many of Obama’s supporters give him high marks for foreign policy, American troops have largely rejected his quest for a second term. What are some possible reasons for this? Drop us a line in the comments and give us your explanation!

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