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Chart of the week: World-wide weed

I mentioned earlier last week that in Colorado, you can still get in trouble for using marijuana. That got me thinking – what is the penalty (if any) for using weed in other places? Advertisements

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Supreme Court’s Ruling on AZ Immigration Law a Victory for Conservatives, Federalism

It came across the Yahoo! Newswire in big letters today at around 10 o’clock – “Breaking: Supreme Court Strikes Down AZ Immigration Law.“

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What Should We Call People Who Come to the US Illegally?

Illegal Immigrant Stats

  You may have heard that a group of liberals is trying have the term “Illegal Immigrant” made illegal itself. and its supporters have started a petition to have the term made into a hate crime, putting it on

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PC Police: Saying “Illegal Immigrant” a Hate Crime

Last time I checked, something that broke the law was called illegal. It is, isn’t it? Robbery, arson, vandalism, and speeding are all illegal. So is crossing the border between the US and Mexico (or Canada!) without following the proper

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