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Chart of the week: World-wide weed

I mentioned earlier last week that in Colorado, you can still get in trouble for using marijuana. That got me thinking – what is the penalty (if any) for using weed in other places?

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America – Missing! The World Without the United States

At midnight tonight, a passenger plane bound from Hong Kong to San Fransisco will disappear. A husband calling his wife from overseas will be disconnected. Traffic on border-crossings along the Rio Grand will dry up. Futures information from the New

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What Conservatives Can Learn from 1960s Counterculture

A lot of us have heard of the seismic political upheaval of the 1960s. We’ve seen it in pop culture references, watched movies about it – heck, a lot of our teachers have gushed about how “great” it was to

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Why the US Should NOT be a Democracy

Yeah, you read the headline right. The United States should not be a democracy. We actually never have been one, either. You might not know this, but you live in a constitutional republic, which is nothing like a democracy at

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The Narrowing of the American Mind?

I get my news from a number of sources. Sometimes I even read the BBC’s front page for balance’s sake. This week I stumbled on an article by Mark Mardell, the BBC’s North American correspondent. It’s an article which gives

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