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Numbers are hard for IRS boss Lois Lerner

“I don’t know. I’m not good at math.” Advertisements

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While Republicans offer compromise, Democrats ready to jump off the fiscal cliff

If all your friends jumped off a fiscal cliff, would you go over after them? Apparently some congressional Democrats are considering it, reasoning that failure to deal with the nation’s “perfect storm” of spending and revenue problems would be politically

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An Open Letter to Undecided Swing-State Voters

Julius Caesar, on crossing the Rubicon, is rumored to have said “alea iacta est” – “the die is cast.” When you cross the threshold into the voting booth, both candidates may very well be thinking the same thing.

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Ignore the Polls, the Redskins Pick the President!

If you’re following the election as close as I think a lot of you are, you’ve probably got the polling numbers for each state memorized. You don’t? Okay, maybe that’s just me. Actually, that’s probably a good thing, because if

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Last Debate Romney’s Highest Hurdle

“Make a habit of two things — to help, or at least to do no harm,”  Hippocrates once wrote. Mitt Romney’s goal tonight will be to achieve the latter in a debate that many of his top advisers say he can’t

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The Onion Makes Its Endorsement

In an election as close as this one, every vote counts. That’s why the endorsement of the Onion, America’s leading most satirical newspaper, is so highly coveted by both candidates. Finally, just two weeks from election night, we get know

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Gloves Coming Off for Town Hall Debate

Really, he doesn’t have much of a choice: if President Obama wants to keep his title, house, car, and airplane, he must be aggressive in attacking Mitt Romney during tomorrow’s debate. And he knows it.

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