PC Police: Saying “Illegal Immigrant” a Hate Crime

Illegal Immigration

Last time I checked, something that broke the law was called illegal. It is, isn’t it? Robbery, arson, vandalism, and speeding are all illegal. So is crossing the border between the US and Mexico (or Canada!) without following the proper immigration procedures. Commit any of the former crimes and you get punished. Commit the last one and you get help from people like the folks at MoveOn.org, who just released a video proclaiming the phrase “illegal immigrant” to be a racial epithet. Watch for yourself:

Should we live in a country in which simple, factual speech is considered a hate crime? A country where you can go to prison for saying something that rubs politicians the wrong way? A country where the lunatic fringe on the left can tell you what is and isn’t “hateful” or “racially charged?” About a thousand people already signed a petition saying they think so already, and I’m sure more of them will jump onto the bandwagon as it becomes fashionable. An absurd tsunami of political correctness is about to drown the nation just before the election, people – grab your fins and snorkels!

The ironic thing about all this is that even President Obama refers to illegal immigrants as such. But, as you’ll notice in the movie clip, only conservatives are quoted as saying the “I-word.” MoveOn seems to be saying we should forget the fact that our current administration has had 3 and 1/2 years to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill, but has only sat on its hands to watch a flimsy recovery and a gargantuan debt become bigger and bigger problems – because the last thing we want to do is hurt someone’s feelings by calling them what they are.

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11 comments on “PC Police: Saying “Illegal Immigrant” a Hate Crime
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  2. A typical liberal says:

    This makes me so mad! MoveOn.org is giving the rest of us liberals a bad rep!

    • Haha the fringe on both sides does that. It’s annoying and kind of distracting. What should we do about it?

      • Atypical Liberal... says:

        Censor their speech! Oh, wait. We can’t do that. Back to the drawing board. hahaha

      • I think I read in my AP Gov book that many Americans are for a lot of first amendment rights until we decide we don’t like how they’re being used. It’s kind of an interesting angle to take. For example, people have the right to freedom of speech, but if you say anything somebody disagrees with, you get shot down.

      • Atypical Liberal says:

        I cant reply directly to your comment, apparently, so here goes:
        Off-topic, but note that not all forms of speech are covered by the First Amendment. Specifically, in Chaplinsky v. NH, the Supreme Court, in its decision, gave some examples of things not covered: the lewd/obscene, the profane, the libelous, etc. (I’m getting this from: http://www.freedomforum.org/templates/document.asp?documentID=13718)
        Anyway, it’s very true what you say about people being for freedom of speech until they disagree with it. Unfortunately, there is not much one can do to combat such a visible organization as MoveOn and their inflammatory statements.
        -Tom, aka “Atypical Liberal”

      • Well we could try the XKCD strategy of paying about 5 young college kids to keep commenting on everything MO.org related in the news, thus controlling the comments section and public perception of the issue. But that might be too diabolical… though it is tempting…

      • ATypical Liberal says:

        Why not find people to pay us to do that? Easy money!

      • I’m in, you’re in, we only need a few more people…
        We really should try this sometime. Preferably on a day when I don’t have my real job.

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  4. […] offense? I mean, we don’t call them illegal immigrants for nothing… oh wait, are we not allowed to say that anymore? I mean, if we’re for amnesty for some people, let’s just get it out here in the open, […]

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