Paul Ryan is Right About Medicare

Ryan Paul?

Paul Ryan has just decided to add his name to the long list of Romney endorsers today by saying that Mitt has the “skills, the tenacity, the principles and the courage to put America back on track.”

That last asset, courage, is not lost on Mr. Ryan. Ryan’s budget (which recently passed the House but is D.O.A. in the Senate) calls for aggressive spending cuts to put the US in the black. Liberals have launched an offensive against the man and his plan, calling his goal to balance the budget in 23 years by cutting an estimated $4 trillion in spending “dangerous.”

(Of course, these deficit doves ignore the far more dangerous weight of a $15 trillion national debt, but logic and entitlement spending rarely go hand in hand nowadays anyway.)

Democrats take particular offense to Ryan’s plan to reduce Medicare costs. In the current system, the government pays directly for medical costs for Medicare recipients. Ryan wants to eliminate this system and instead use the money to help people buy their own insurance. By encouraging people to purchase their own insurance and letting the free market work, the financial burden on the government will be reduced, and competition will drive down costs – reducing the amount of cash the government will have to shell out over time.

This is a genius system. Privatization will cut the cost of social programs and give taxpayers more freedom and flexibility to choose plans that work best for them. Programs such as Social Security and Medicare cost more than the entire US military, and make up the largest percentage of our debt. By reducing these costs and giving the public the liberty to select their favorite programs, fiscal insolvency and an invasive government can both be beaten back.

Perhaps this is why many liberals dislike Ryan and his plan. Vote-buying programs like Medicare and Social Security are necessary for the Democratic party to maintain relevance. Take away the new dole, and government becomes much less important in the everyday lives of Americans – and so does the party of big government. That’s why Democrats are afraid of Ryan’s plan – and why Americans should support it.

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