Story About Obama Daughter’s Trip to Mexico Pulled From Internet


Fame is fleeting, but the internet is forever. Unless, of course, you’re President Barack and First Lady Michele Obama’s daughter, Malia.

Malia and her friends took a trip to Mexico recently, accompanied by 25 Secret Service agents. When some news organizations, such as Yahoo! News reported on the petit voyage, the White House asked them to pull the story. It seems that almost all the organizations complied – the links to the article now redirect readers to their homepages or give 404 errors. Nevertheless, the story likely survives in parts, as it really is almost impossible to remove something completely from the world wide web.

Why would the Obama administration want the story pulled? The official reason is “security related.” But there’s also a more sinister political motivation for the White House to want it blocked: President Obama has been criticized numerous times for expensive vacations, and the fact that taxpayers are footing the bill for Ms. Obama’s trip to Mexico with her friends would only further enrage an unhappy electorate.

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8 comments on “Story About Obama Daughter’s Trip to Mexico Pulled From Internet
  1. Anonymous B. Jackson says:

    Or maybe because the President didn’t want a story about a vacation taken by his daughter out in the public? Does this honestly matter to you?

  2. As long as I’m paying for it, yep.

  3. S. Elsworth says:

    Probably no more expensive than the constant trailing of an underage Bush daughter as she bar-hopped, time and time again, during her college years. And certainly small change compared to the hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars expended annually on the Iraq and Afghan wars. You count pennies, sir. Laudable, but petty.

    • Yeah, I think following Bush’s daughter around was a waste of taxpayer money as well. Afghanistan was justified (if you remember, Al Qaida flew some planes into buildings), and Iraq seemed so at the time.

      Also, Obama increased involvement in both wars. Moreover, he has managed to spend more money than Bush in far less time. The expensive trips are just an example for public scrunity. One can only see an iceberg by looking for its tip.

  4. bev says:

    dynamo, Iraq was not justified at the time! Bush declared war without UN approval. The only people to benefit from that war were the wealthy oilmen, who financed Bush’s election and people like Bush, who have huge personal investments.

    • The idea that the United States requires UN approval to use military force represents a soft-serve approach to foreign policy and a danger to American interests and security. Heck, most of the time, the US IS the UN’s military force. The United States should only bow to the miltary interests of other countries when it is strategically advantageous to do so.

      I have seen no evidence that Bush, in any way, made money of the war in Iraq. And I would also argue that the people of Iraq and the Middle East in general will, in the long term, benefit from an Iraqi Republic far more than any oil firm.

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