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Between Barack and three hard places

A conspiracy theory to cover up a terrorist attack, tax investigations into the finances of political enemies, secretly stolen information from members of the press… Are we in some kind of a movie? Advertisements

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North Korean nuclear test shows our policies aren’t working

When the USGS announced that it had picked up seismic activity near P’unggye, it was immediately clear the 5.1 magnitude quake wasn’t natural – it was caused by an atomic bomb.

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Obama, inaugural speeches, and four more years of aggressive politics

In case you didn’t hear, President Obama was sworn in for another four-year term yesterday (err… Sunday). That’s important, but its what he said after the oath was all said and done that’s really noteworthy.

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Politics trumps science in climate change debate

Or so says Popular Science. Reporter Colin Lecher lays out some bold claims in an article published online last Friday about the role statecraft plays in the climate change debate, citing a Nature study to say that politics, not science,

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2012 VP Debate: Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

For those of you who read yesterday’s post, the 2012 VP debate could be best described as a combination of a one and a three.

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