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Chart of the week: Running of the Bulls

I’m an engineer. I love data, and I love charts. So once a week I’m going to show you a chart that I think is relevant in the world of politics. Then you can read the explanation and use it to

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Obama voted against raising debt ceiling in 2006 due to high deficits

President Obama had harsh words for congressional Republicans who have refused to raise the debt ceiling without dollar-for-dollar spending cuts.

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From the Editor’s Desk: WOOHOO!

We interrupt this program to bring you a brief message from your editor! Your regularly scheduled programming will resume at its normal time following this announcement…

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DYNAMO Shatters Another Record!

Last night, DYNAMO_politics rocketed right through the 2,000-view ceiling! It took us four months to reach 1,000 views, but a mere five weeks to reach 2,000 – an incredible achievement no matter how you look at it. Never before have

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Rick Santorum’s Dark Electoral Past

Most candidates have some “restless spirits” in their past that come back to haunt them in current elections. Rick Santorum, however, might have the worst ghost of all. While Rick is up in Michigan touting his ability to win over blue-collar workers (“Reagan

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Quick Post: DYNAMO Passes Another Big Milestone!

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that as of early this morning, DYNAMO_politics has been viewed over 500 times! What’s more, we reached the 500 threshold in 3 weeks – about half the time I thought it would

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