Chris Christie cause for chuckling after SNL apperance

Governor Chris Christie, the first Republican to hold statewide office in New Jersey in twelve years, has had a lot of jokes made at his expense – so who could blame him for taking an opportunity to crack a few himself on SNL on Saturday?

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Tina Fey (who played former Vice-Presidential candidate and recent reality TV star Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live during the 2008 campaign), and I’d jump at the chance to be on SNL if it was ever offered. But Christie probably particularly relishes it.

The governor has received high marks for his handling of the Hurricane Sandy devastation that hit his state in early November, but has been forced to put up with a few intractable conservatives who blame his embrace of President Obama during the recovery effort for Romney’s loss. He’s also had to deal with some local leaders who refused to evacuate their populations on his orders.

Then again, no one ever said that being a nationally known governor was easy. Christie, who sat out the GOP primary in 2011, is rumored to be carefully considering a run for the 2016 nomination. Though sources close to Christie have been trying to get him to run for some time, the dejected mood of his personal trainer seems to indicate that he continually refuses to do so.

Sorry Governor, I couldn’t resist…

I know this kind of coverage comes amid the backdrop of fiscal cliff negotiations – which we’ll get to soon, I promise – and the dark possibility of another Israeli-Palestinian ground war – which we covered a few days ago. But it’s important to keep a kind of  perspective on these things and laugh every now and then. And if you’ve got a political sense of  humor like me, this clip hits the spot.

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