Gloves Coming Off for Town Hall Debate

Really, he doesn’t have much of a choice: if President Obama wants to keep his title, house, car, and airplane, he must be aggressive in attacking Mitt Romney during tomorrow’s debate. And he knows it.

This guy’s a Columbia and Harvard grad. He knows how to study, and he rarely fails two tests in a row. Obama’s campaign knows he must outperform his last debate appearance,  and he certainly will. From Obama campaign spokesperson Jen Psaki:

“The president is his own harshest critic and he knows Mitt Romney had a better night at the first debate. The American people should expect to see a much more energized President Obama making a passionate case for why he is a better choice for the middle class.

Likewise, Mitt Romney (another Harvard grad, by the way) can see what’s coming. I’d be very very surprised if Romney didn’t have a few scripted responses for any 47%-type jabs Obama will try to throw.

Mitt’s also trying to tamp down on the robot routine a little bit. Since the next debate (tomorrow night at 9) is a town hall format, Romney’s been studying how best to engage the questioner and the audience. From Politico:

Practice sessions for the second round, according to Republicans familiar with the preparations, have been focused almost entirely on the stagecraft and body language of engaging with the questioners. Romney has been warned not to physically back away from a questioner, but to lean in as if having a one-on-one conversation that just happens to have 50 million or so eavesdroppers.

You can read more of that article – which focuses on the behind-the-scenes debate prep in both campaigns – to get a clearer picture of what we’ll see tomorrow night. Whatever goes down, you won’t want to miss it.

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One comment on “Gloves Coming Off for Town Hall Debate
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