In Which DYNAMO Saves You From Missing Tonight’s Voter Registration Deadline

Look, I’m a college student. I know everybody procrastinates. That’s how I can tell that some of you have yet to register to vote, even though the Indiana voter registration deadline istonight at midnight!

“Ah,” you scream, “I’m about to miss out on the most important election in decades – certainly in my lifetime – because I forgot to register and now it’s too late!”

Fortunately, you couldn’t be more wrong. Regardless of the candidates you end up choosing, I want to see that everyone takes full advantage of our favorite American privilege and votes. Even if for some reason you didn’t read our last article on registration and skipped voting in the primaries, I won’t hold it against you. I’m a nice guy. Really, I am.

Alright, enough boilerplate. If you’re reading this, you only have hours (possibly minutes) left to salvage your chance to vote on the sixth of November.

Quick, type in this web address in your address bar:

Or just click on the hyperlink like a sane person. You’ll be directed to the Indiana Voters homepage. From there, select “Register to Vote Online” under the “What would you like to do?” section.

Accept the terms of use and proceed through the registration process. In the end, you’ll be registered in Indiana as a voter for the upcoming election, which means that you now get to help decide who controls the White House, Capitol, State House, and Governor’s Mansion. That’s some pretty awesome power you almost missed out on!

Good thing DYNAMO_politics has got your back.

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