Consensus: Give this one to Romney

When was the last time you popped popcorn, sat down on a futon with some of your smartest friends, and watched TV for two hours? That was my night last night, soaking in a very exciting boxing match between a powerful man in a red tie and someone who looked a lot like President Obama.

That take – that the challenger, Mitt Romney, out-shined and out-spoke the President – seems to match up with what millions of other voters saw at home.

Why did Romney win? Mitt looked crisp and telegenic throughout the night. He constantly watched the President while he was speaking, and looked at the camera when he was addressing the American people. By contrast, Mr. Obama looked very tired and visibly older (even though he’s 14 years younger than the former Massachusetts governor), and seemed to have no idea which camera was on when. The President also struggled to punch back at an aggressive yet polite Romney, missing some clear openings for jabs at his Bain Capital record and tax returns.

Basically, Romney came to the exam with sharpened pencils, and Obama slept through his alarm clock and missed it.

But don’t take my word for it! There seemed to be a consensus around the internet forming late last night that Romney carried the day. This morning, it’s even clearer who won. My friend at the conservative blog Rickert’s Call expressed enthusiasm over yesterday’s combat:

Last night, the country got to see an unfiltered Mitt Romney and an unfiltered President Obama.

According to the snap polls, Romney is the clear winner. A CNN’s poll stated 67% viewed Romney as the victor. A CBS poll of undecided voters gave Romney the win by a 2-1 margin.

Yea, last night was fun. I even watched the replay.

On the other side of the spectrum, the liberals over at The Daily Kos didn’t seem too proud of Obama’s performance, instead running a cartoon and this goofy poll as headliners:

Poll: Do you support Mitt Romney’s iron-fisted vow to fire Big Bird?

And ironically this analysis from the left-field Huffington Post sums it all up:

[P]erhaps even more importantly for Romney, who has lagged in national polls, the night brought with it a sense of relief and excitement for Republicans who were worried their nominee might not have what it takes to beat Obama.

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8 comments on “Consensus: Give this one to Romney
  1. Bret Rickert says:

    “Obama slept through his alarm clock ”

    That’s one of the better comments I’ve heard. Nice Job.

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