New Debt Landmark Makes for Awkward DNC Opener

Last week, Rett talked about “bad optics” for the Republican National Convention in Tampa. This week, it’s the Democrats’ turn to experience some irony as they gather in the Tarheel State to sell four more years of President Obama.

As if the first night of their nightmarish convention in Charlotte wasn’t enough of a challenge already, Democrats now have to contend with the bitingly awkward – on the opening evening of their big event, the national debt surpassed $16 trillion.

Yay! New record! (Source:

Onward and upward?

That’s the message Republicans will try to pin on President Obama sometime between now and when he officially accepts the nomination Thursday night. It’s a message that’s sure to resonate with young voters (voters with whom Romney seems to be gaining some ground), and one that I wish they’d been pushing with more gusto for more of the campaign.

But alas, I don’t direct the GOP’s national policy pushes. Maybe that’s a good thing…

In any case, expect a full recap of tonight’s Democratic festivities tomorrow morning – along with some witty remarks from Mr. Rett.

Stay tuned!

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5 comments on “New Debt Landmark Makes for Awkward DNC Opener
  1. Steve says:

    Can some one define “better off”?

  2. Michael Y. Young says:

    Great job and very informative reporting. Thanks for keeping us updated!

  3. […] this logic is wrong (since we’re merely transferring the problem from a liquidity crisis to a debt crisis), but I’m not 330 million Americans. Many voters have a here-and-now view on the future […]

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