Everett’s First Post

Hi everyone, my name is Everett and I go to school with Mike.  We have a lot in common: a love of engineering, pretty girls, fine wine (okay, maybe that one’s just me), politics – the list goes on and on.  What we don’t have in common are our viewpoints.  In fact, Mike is about as conservative as I am liberal.  Great Society?  Bring it on!  Morning in America?  Boo!  You get the point.

Anyway, Mike and I have had some interesting discussions thus far in our first week, and he has graciously offered to let me spew my liberal propaganda all over his blog.  I like the way Mike posts, writing about a mix of policy, campaigns, preaching, and just whatever happens to be on his very fertile mind that day.  Speaking of fertile, farm bill anyone?  Come on Boehner, the Midwest is depending on you and the do-nothing class of 2010.  While you guys were partying it up in Israel, farmers were watching their crops die and the planning go to hell over uncertainty about subsidies and future price adjustments.

Sorry, I couldn’t contain myself there.  I have to save some for later.  Another thing Mike does which I really like is hyperlink his posts to news stories and previous blogs.  I’m going to try that out with this one, but I may make some mistakes.  Forgive me!  I’m as new to this as Paul Ryan is to Florida politics, but you don’t see my mom helping me write this post.

Considering this is an election year (and also my first Presidential Election to vote in) I look forward to a very interesting fall.  Will Obama stay negative?  Will Romney successfully make the campaign about big issues?  How many more Todd Akins are waiting in the wings?  Will I receive so much hate mail that I have to change email addresses?

Find answers to these questions and more in future posts.


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4 comments on “Everett’s First Post
  1. Michael Y. Young says:

    It is good that Mike is open-minded enough to invite Everett air his views. It is wonderful to maintain differing views without malice. This is what makes America great. Too bad our polititians and the news media want to estrange one from th other. This will hurt the country and the people who live in it. Always be a gentleman regardless of differing opinions and convictions. We strive for virtue in all things.

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