Convention Speakers Offer VP Clues

We’ve already told you about the big preparations underway for the Republican National Convention in Tampa – an event expected to draw 50,000 people. But now new convention information has come out that may shed some light on the identity of Mitt Romney’s running mate.

The Independent Journal Review has collected a list of announced speakers for the convention. New additions include Rick Santorum and Rand Paul, who were just announced yesterday:

    • Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum
    • Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush
    • Kentucky Senator Rand Paul
    • Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin
    • Florida Governor Rick Scott
    • Arizona Senator John McCain
    • Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
    • South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley
    • Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee
    • Ohio Governor John Kasich
    • New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez

Notice anyone missing? That’s right, there’s no Marco Rubio, Bob McDonnell (the best choice), or Rob Portman on the slate. If one of those three is the VP nominee, leaving them off the list gives the Romney camp more flexibility in using them. The keynote speaker has yet to be announced, which could conceivably eliminate one of the three – or it could be a great opportunity for the VP to make a major speech and build momentum. See the game we’re playing here?

The truth is, no one knows for sure who the “chosen one” will be, except Romney and a few advisers. The paperwork on the VP vetting process is said to be kept in a heavy-duty, fireproof safe, so chances are we’re not going to know with any reasonable certainty for some time.

But we can pin down some facts. The announcement will come before the convention (my guess is 10 days or so). The choice will not be Sarah Palin, or anyone like Sarah Palin (because that did not work at all). And we can assume with good reason that it will be either Rubio, McDonnell, or Portman – the bus buddies.

We just don’t know which.

Which is great news for you because you still have a chance to take our poll and choose your favorite VP star. Click here and cast your vote while you still can!

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2 comments on “Convention Speakers Offer VP Clues
  1. Lucy says:

    I still hope Rubio

    • I’d love to see him debate Biden. He’d be good for hispanics, but is he ready to become President if something happens to Romney? I think so, but not everyone does, so you’ve got the Sarah Palin show if you’re not careful.

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