Obama: Too Busy to Meet with Jobs Council

Despite all the attention unemployment is getting from the Obama campaign, the President hasn’t met with his “Jobs Council” in over 6 months.

The Jobs Council is a panel of hand-picked CEOs, economists, and labor chiefs tasked with giving the President plans to grow the economy and get unemployment down. For a President struggling to break a streak of 41 months of 8% unemployment, a lack of committment to his economic dream team seems inexplicable.

But of course, nothing is inexplicable in politics. When a reporter asked Obama Administration Spokesman Jay Carney why the President hasn’t spent time with the Council in over 6 months, his response was something of a gaffe:

REPORTER: So there’s no reason they [the President and the Jobs Council] haven’t met publicly?

CARNEY: No, there’s no specific reason except that the president’s obviously got a lot on his plate.

Carney should’ve picked his words better. President Obama’s “full plate” has included 106 fundraisers and 10 golf outings over the last half-year. Sure, the President has to campaign, but he also has to do his job. With millions of Americans out of work, taking time off to rub elbows with big donors and hit the links doesn’t seem right. After all, Senator John McCain suspended his campaign during the heart of the crisis in ’08 to return to Washington and fight it – something Senator Obama didn’t feel like doing.

But while a little commitment to fixing the economy would be great for the American people, a lack thereof is gold for the Republicans. The RNC just put this little gem up on the internet:

Then again, the President probably isn’t too worried about these kinds of ads. It’s not like he can surf the web and golf at the same time.

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2 comments on “Obama: Too Busy to Meet with Jobs Council
    • Thanks HattieBelle! Glad someone else found this more than a little unsettling. Keep up the good work on your blog – I love seeing a Hoosier community involved in government!

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