Obama: Success Comes from the Government

Look, I try to give the President the benefit of the doubt, but this most recent tirade against success boils my blood.

Obama’s statements in this video would be head-scratching coming from anyone in the private sector. Every single one of his remarks is rooted in the falsehood that seems to be at the very core of his being – namely, that private industry is second to the almighty government. Disagree? His central tenants are that…

  1. The rich aren’t paying their fair share (0:00 to 0:33).
  2. Bill Clinton was able to create thousands of jobs by raising taxes (0:33 to 0:52)
  3. The wealthy are not the agents of their own success – their success belongs to someone else (0:52 to 1:12)
  4. People who go out and start a business have no more merit than those who don’t (1:12 to 1:52)
  5. The entrepreneur would be a failure without the aid of the government (1:52 to 2:52)

Everyone who owns a business should be alarmed by this breakdown. President Obama himself claims, in a two minute speech (not some sound-bite taken out of context) that raising taxes creates jobs, that success belongs to those who didn’t take the initiative to create it, and that the government bestows to people the tools by which they can create success. All of this is pure, refined, 100% manure.

The rich pay far more than their fair share – the rich pay 40% of the taxes but make up 2% of the population! Tell us how that’s fair, Mr. President. Bill Clinton did not create jobs by raising taxes – the private sector created them after it learned to monetize computers. And any business leader will tell you that  higher taxes means less hiring on their part. That’s certainly the case where I work.

The success of the wealthy belongs to them alone. No teacher, no matter how great, founded Microsoft. Or Apple. Or Ford. Or Cisco or Starbucks or Intel. No. They choose to remain a teacher. They chose. Chose. Do you know what the word means, Mr. President? Nobody put a gun to their head and said “Don’t go out and risk your life savings to start a company that may totally fail.” They chose to play it safe. They, by free choice and free will, chose not to start companies, and the free market rewarded those who did.

Success belongs to no other human than the one who risked it all to make it happen – saying otherwise makes me re-evaluate why I’m defending Obama from charges of Marxism.

Contrary to the President’s belief, the people who started these companies were successful because they did work harder and they were smarter than those they passed on the way up. Hard work isn’t purely physical, and smartness isn’t just an academic trait. Only someone from academia with no experience in the private sector at all would make the distinction between work and intellect as black and white as this President. For those of us who see in color, however, the difference between what business founders and business employees put into their work is obvious.

And as to the accusation that business is reliant on the government to provide infrastructure for it’s success, behold this link. If what Obama said were true, we would have no business and no government at all! Business supports government by providing tax dollars and supports workers by paying wages. The government exists to protect businesses and workers. Right now, the President seems to be advocating an attack on both – by raising taxes on one and making it harder for the other to hire and make money.

The uncertain and anti-business nature of Obama’s fiery rhetoric is the reason that businesses don’t trust him enough to hire new employees under his watch. And this espoused contempt for those who take initiative is why I don’t trust him either.

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5 comments on “Obama: Success Comes from the Government
  1. Michael Y. Young says:

    This statement of Obama is consisent with his philosophy. Total dependance on Government. This is the beginning of socialism at best. It is the philosophy of full control of the people, and leads to totalitarianism. Just look how the Third Rich began.

    • Well I agree that this most recent argument does sound a lot like socialism. However, I don’t think the comparison to the Reich is accurate. I say this because Hitler was able to manipulate people into believing he was for socialism, but he quickly turned his back on them (executing Rohm, for example). I don’t think that’s the case with Obama because I think he is genuinely interested in Huey Long-style policies.

  2. […] challenger, the President inexplicably threw Mitt Romney a bone with his now-infamous “you didn’t build that” gaffe, landing him in hot water with business owners. The remark was actually a snippet of a […]

  3. . says:

    It’s just terrible how you twist his words like that… Honestly, it’s nothing more than disgusting, but what more could someone expect from a republican?

    • I twisted his words? I provided markers and exact reference points to the speech because I knew someone was going to try to pull the “it’s out of context” card out. It probably would have worked too, if people skipped the actual article and just read the comments.

      Fortunately my readers don’t do that. And Deomcrats don’t twist words? Read one of the five factcheck.org articles on how the Obama camp is taking the “outsourcing” and “felon” stuff out of context.

      It’s head-scratching to see someone resort to partisan rhetoric as a defense, especially when the opposition party is just as guilty. Instead of a blanket accusation, try arguing based on logic and the content of the speech.

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