Conservative Counterattack Grows in Wake of Healthcare Ruling

Within minutes of the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare, thousands of conservatives kicked their efforts to repeal the law into high gear.

Over 42,000 frustrated Americans poured more than $4.2 million in the Romney campaign’s bank account in the short span of just a few hours, a campaign spokesperson has confirmed. That number obliterated earlier totals, which had suggested that Romney’s campaign would only bring in about $375,000 as a result of the ruling. The influx of cash represents a 150% increase in daily funding for Team Mitt, signaling a spike in intensity as Republican activists gear up for major legislative battles. What’s more, the high number of small-dollar contributors totally disproves Obama’s fantasy of a big-banker-bankrolled Romney presidency, lending credence to a populist conservative adgenda while calling Obama’s attempts to solicit donations from rich ex-pats into question.

It did not take long for the first shells to start falling. As Tea Party protesters lay siege to the Supreme Court building, inside the hallowed walls of the Capitol GOP congressmen blasted hapless socialists from all sides with fiery rhetoric aimed at repealling the law.

Referencing the Supreme Court’s assertion that President Obama’s signature achievement represented nothing more than a massive, 675billion dollar tax increase, Republican Senator Mitch McConnell correctly proclaimed that “The promises that formed the heart of [a tax-free administration] have been exposed for the false promises they were,” adding that the decision Thursday provided “powerful confirmation of what may have been the biggest deception of all.”

The deception in question is the President’s continuous refusal to refer to his perverted attempts to tax health care costs back down to acceptable levels as just that – a tax increase. In fact, in an interview with George Stephanopoulos, Obama claimed that the bill that bears his name was not even close to a tax at all. When asked if his plan to make Americans who refused to buy government-mandated health insurance pay more money to the government represented a tax increase, he stated that he “absolutely rejected the notion.”

In the real world, however, the Supreme Court declared that it was exactly that. In response, clarion calls to reject and repeal a policy despised by over 52% of Americans have gone out from the few remaining patriots in Washington. Shortly after 17 Democrats joined Republicans to hold Obama’s mustachioed failure of an Attorney General in contempt of congress (the first AG to win the dubious crown), Representative Michele Bachman joined other conservatives by signing a letter urging the states not to comply with the federal government’s mandates.

“All across job creator boardrooms today, decisions are being made by millions of employers to drop the employer covered health insurance,” Bachmann said Friday. “That’s why we’re telling the states to just stop and take a breath, because we’re going to turn the economy around after November.”

As if to add support to her last remark, conservative candidates across the country reported an immediate outpouring of support following the Supreme Court’s decision. Republicans are beginning to narrow the gaps (or even surpass them) in states like New Hampshire, once thought to be impenetrable Democratic strongholds.

Across the country, the stormfront is growing.

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2 comments on “Conservative Counterattack Grows in Wake of Healthcare Ruling
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