Obamacare Ruling a Surprise Win for Republicans

I know what you’re thinking – how can Republicans possibly be winners after today’s ruling to uphold the Affordable Care Act?

Well, you nimrod, you obviously didn’t read my post yesterday on the three possible outcomes of today’s court decision! Take a look at the first possibility:

1. The law is totally upheld: In this situation, the country pays about $2 trillion over the next decade, Medicare gets cut by $500 billion, health insurance premiums go up… you’re gonna have a bad time! That is, of course, assuming the GOP doesn’t figure out a way to leverage the ruling into a senate majority and the Oval Office. Think Tea Party.

I’ve been saying privately for a long time that today is a win-win-win day for Republicans. Obamacare has been an extremely unpopular law for some time now, and it’s served as a rallying cry for hardcore conservatives of all kinds for months. By issuing its ruling today, the court has re-injected the subject of a federally controlled health care market back into the forefront of the American conscience.

Tell me, who’s benefitted electorally from high levels of Obamacare press coverage? That’s right, Republicans.

Running against Obamacare, the GOP was able to subjugate the House and subdue the Senate in 2010. Now that a clear congressional majority is the only hope for repealing the law, expect to see conservative activists out in force. Most of these people would probably be at home resting after almost two years of blistering campaigning; after the verdict was pronounced, just about everyone in the Tea Party had a real solid reason to grab a musket and a picket sign, dust off the George Washington wig, and board a bus for the capital.

Don’t believe that the ruling’s given the Right a shot in the arm? If this verdict would have gone any other way, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post right now. And when I get home, I’m mailing $30 to Mitt and buying a T-shirt.

In fact, Gov. Romney’s campaign is already starting to see the benefits of the ruling – in the first 3 hours after the reading, it reported over $1 million in donations, with that number expected to rise throughout the day.

Expect to see the opposite effect take hold with the Democrats. Why should they turn up and vote now? They already have what they want, and complacency is a very powerful force in politics… almost as powerful as anger.

And believe me, a lot of people are about to be really, really angry.

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4 comments on “Obamacare Ruling a Surprise Win for Republicans
  1. Mike and Helen Young says:

    Congratulations! A very good analysis.

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