Supreme Court Could Overturn Obamacare, Save Taxpayers $1.76 Trillion Tomorrow

The Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare bill) – makes for some great summer reading; all 2,700 pages of it.

As the Supreme Court prepares to give a ruling on Obamacare’s constitutionality as early as tomorrow, the Obama campaign is bracing itself for the worst. The landmark decision on the President’s signature piece of legislation will help clarify, once and for all, whether or not the federal government has the authority to regulate the most intimate details of our daily lives. Proponents of President Obama’s boldest attempt to expand the power of the federal government have insisted that they are merely require people who don’t have health insurance to buy it to keep the cost of care lower. But the bill’s many foes correctly point out that the government doesn’t have the authority to force people to buy something.

If the benevolent interest of driving down medical costs is all we need as justification for this law, who’s to say the government can’t make us buy broccoli or a Bowflex?

Even if the Supreme Court were to uphold Obamacare, we wouldn’t have to money to pay for it. Despite President Obama’s assertion that his healthcare plan would reduce the deficit, the CBO recently declared that the plan would cost us an additional $1.76 trillion over the next decade. That’s why a Anti-Obamacare ruling tomorrow would be a huge boon for the few deficit-hawks in congress.

If the law is held to be unconstitutional, the nearly $2 trillion earmarked for the law will become free for other uses. With another debt showdown just a few months away, this money could help reduce the risk of another failed “grand bargain” – one which cost the country her AAA credit rating. In fact, there’s already some talk of using this money to help cover defense cuts that are scheduled to take place pretty soon as a result of the last debt ceiling debacle.

Personally, I think some defense cuts are in order, but many Republicans in congress feel differently.

In any case, keep your eyes peeled and your ears open next week for word of the Obamacare decision when it comes out. You might not know it now, but this decision could be the biggest Supreme Court decision of the decade. And of course, DYNAMO will break it all down for you when it comes out, so stay close!

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