The Best of Mitt Romney

So I noticed that some people are calling Mitt “soft” because he’s not offering specifics on illegal immigration, he’s not being “socially conservative” enough or because he’s not getting after Obama aggressively enough.

Let me tell you something: this guy won one of the most crowded and drawn out nomination fights in recent history for a reason. Romney’s strength, according to, of all people, Jim Messina (Obama’s campaign manager) is that he knows exactly what he has to do to win, and is disciplined enough to do it. Does he need to raise more money? He does it. Does he need to win a primary? He does it. Does he need to knock an opponent out in a debate? He does it.

So since some people seem to be having trouble remembering why Mitt Romney is a great candidate, I’ve compiled a little “best of” list of clips down below. Watch them and tell me if you think Mitt is still a little too timid for you:

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2 comments on “The Best of Mitt Romney
  1. List of X says:

    I would not say he is soft. He is is just extremely flexible.

    • Well so is Obama. Obama was clearly opposed to gay marriage in 2008, and even said that he would never support it while in office. This, of course, has not been the case.

      Most criticism of Romney is for his own healthcare plan. In one of these videos (with Santorum, I think), he does a pretty good job delineating the differences between his plan and Obama’s. Other than that, he’s actually been much more consistent than people give him credit for.

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