DYNAMO Shatters Another Record!

God Bless America!

God Bless America!

Last night, DYNAMO_politics rocketed right through the 2,000-view ceiling! It took us four months to reach 1,000 views, but a mere five weeks to reach 2,000 – an incredible achievement no matter how you look at it. Never before have so many people viewed DYNAMO in such a short period of time. This growing response means more and more people are becoming acquainted with the message of Modern Conservatism at a crucial time for America. It is an indication both of how far we’ve come and how far we still can go. It’s also an indication of just how incredibly loyal our friends and readers are. Without such people, none of this would have been possible, and for your support I am immensely grateful.

For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to tell your friends about how much DYNAMO means to you and the future of this country, I’m asking you to take literally 25 seconds of your time to copy this text:


and post it on your Facebook timeline.* If you want to offer a description, well, that’s up to you! The point is, I would really appreciate it if you at least told someone you know that you’ve visited one of the few great homes for conservatives on the internet, and you really enjoyed it.

That’s all it takes. Just simple word of mouth (er… keyboard). All it takes to spread a message across the web like a fire through sagebrush. All it takes to change someone’s perspective – and start a revolution.

– M.Y.

*You can also follow us on twitter @DYNAMO_politics!

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4 comments on “DYNAMO Shatters Another Record!
  1. Congratulations!!! M.Y.

    • Thank you! Best of luck with your blogging endeavors as well.

      • I can tell by your writing and your topics, that you are accurate and passionate about the things you write about, and you don’t want to waste someone’s time with frivolities. I feel the same way, I take my writing very seriously. My blog veiwer ship has has also grown exponentially. I started may with 450 views now I’m pushing 700 already. People are starting to wake up and read a conservative blog instead of believing the main stream media!

      • That’s great! I would even say that your writing is more passionate than mine, which is in some ways better. In any case, we’re both trying to create a place for conservatives to congregate on the web, filling a need that I think has gone unfilled for too long. By providing rational justifications for conservative principles, we can convince the undecided, silent majority of this country that we know the real way forward, and secure a better future for the nation as a result.

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