High School Newspaper Publishes DYNAMO Article!

Look, we all know printed news is on the way out. As much as I used to look forward to getting a plump copy of the Indianapolis Star dropped at my door everyday, I myself switched over to reading my news online years ago. It doesn’t make financial sense to pay for a paper copy when you can get the facts straight from the internet – and that’s without even mentioning the environmental impact of printed news, which modern conservatives should be concerned with!

So where am I going with all this?

The HSE Orb, my high school newspaper, has done a great job staying abreast of the changing technology of journalism. They’ve even set up a website where readers who don’t want a paper copy can go to catch up on their school news. Sports, arts, entertainment, opinion – you name it, they’ve got it. I’d worked with some of the writers on a few features before, and one of them told me that the Orb was looking to bring in some student work to publish on their website.

After some more discussion, the Orb decided to publish one of my most famous DYNAMO_politics posts! You can read the Orb’s article here, or you can always check out the original version here at DYNAMO.

I was ecstatic when I heard about the publishing – here were our arguments, being made available for the first time to an audience on a massive scale! Hamilton Southeastern High School has over 2,600 students; now all of them could hear the call of Modern Conservatism! It’s a sign that our message is spreading. Increasingly, people are beginning to awake to a reality dictated by the forces of the free market, a limited government, and the human spirit…. and the more headlines that message makes, the better.

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2 comments on “High School Newspaper Publishes DYNAMO Article!
  1. Mike and Helen Young says:

    Good job, Mike.
    We are proud of you!

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