How to Vote in Tomorrow’s Primary Election

Vote smart, not hard! Follow this guide for a no-hassle, responsible voting experience – courtesy of DYNAMO_politics!

That’s right, Indiana finally gets to vote tomorrow! Both the Democratic and (more importantly) Republican primaries will be held on this Tuesday, May 8th. For those of you who have never voted before, I decided to write this post as a little guide for you:

What should I do before I vote?
First, to be able to vote in the primary, you must have registered to vote by April 9th. You can register online, and you only need to register once (you don’t have to register for the general election and the primary separately). If you didn’t register in time, you can still register online in time for the general election. Anyone who turns 18 before the November election can vote in the primary. If you have more questions about registering, you might find the Indiana Secretary of State’s website helpful (notice it’s Connie Lawson and not Charlie White’s site anymore – a cautionary tale about following voting protocol!).

You should also read up on at least the major candidates. As I told the members of the American Legion in a speech at their headquarters in downtown Indy, a well-informed electorate is the best ally democracy has ever known! A list of all the candidates running can be found here – Fishers is considered to be in Indiana’s 5th electoral district. If you ever have any questions about a candidate’s positions, you can always consult the DYNAMO archives as well!

You’ll also need a government-issued photo ID to vote. Your driver’s license should work fine.

Where do I vote?
When you’ve got everything you need, head over to your polling station and vote! The polling place for most of our readers is Hamilton Southeastern Junior High, but if you have doubts, consult the voter registration card you were sent in the mail after you registered for a location. Remember, the polls close at 6:00 pm EDT. I’m going over right after school – I hope the lines aren’t too long!

Who should I vote for?
While that’s ultimately up to you, DYNAMO endorses Dr. John McGoff, Richard Mourdock and Mike Pence. Just make sure you make an informed decision. You are responsible for your choice – remember that!

What should I do with all this new-found knowledge?!
Please, please, please – tell people! Share a link on Facebook, give us a retweet (@DYNAMO_politics) on twitter! The more people who find out about this, the better. An active populace is a well-governed one. After all, if you don’t vote or participate in government, our elected leaders won’t reflect what you want them to. Don’t give up your right to critique the government! Have your voice heard! Vote!

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4 comments on “How to Vote in Tomorrow’s Primary Election
  1. Alex Panos says:

    We are depending on you guys to retire Lugar!

    • We’ll do our best! He’s down by double digits at the moment. Hamilton County will definitely be a swing county and I expect it to go for Mourdock. At the worst we’ll deny Lugar the margins he needs here for the win.

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  3. […] votes. Even if for some reason you didn’t read our last article on registration and skipped voting in the primaries, I won’t hold it against you. I’m a nice guy. Really, I […]

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