Shut DOWN! Anderson Cooper Totally Embarrasses’s Justin Ruben on National TV

AC 360

Anderson Cooper (left) basically made Justin Ruben (right) look like a fool on national television. I wish we got to see objective and entertaining reporting like this everyday!

This interview just made my day. I guess it’s proof that real journalism does still exist. I just wish we got to see it more often…

Ok, so some context here. Justin Ruben is the head of, a radically liberal organization that made DYNAMO’s front page not too long ago when it called for people to be sent to prison for saying the words “Illegal Immigrant” – which is a little harsh, don’t you think? Mr. Ruben’s organization has also created some attack ads to go after Republicans for reducing funding for an entitlement program (you know, since we’re broke and can’t pay for it?) that he claims exclusively benefits women. His goal was to further the Obama campaign’s agenda by accusing the GOP of waging a “War on Women.” To the immense credit of CNN, Anderson Cooper summoned Mr. Ruben to his show, AC 360, and forced him to answer for his accusations, none of which are based on fact.

Yes, the media is biased.* But this clip shows you that sometimes you do get real, hard-hitting, and honest reporting – and that utterly destroying someone like Mr. Ruben on national television can be pretty entertaining!

*Nerd Alert! Grammatically, we should say the media “are” biased, because “media” is plural. For some reason, no one else does, though, so I’m giving into peer pressure and using “is” instead.

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One comment on “Shut DOWN! Anderson Cooper Totally Embarrasses’s Justin Ruben on National TV
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