May Day “Occupy” Rioters Really Doing Pretty Good Job Making Everyone Else Late for Work


Businessmen hang a clever banner from their office building as they attempt to earn money, be productive, and pay taxes.

Yesterday, people gathered in New York and Oakland in what has been termed by some “the protest of the century.” More than several protesters of the Occupy Movement, a nebulous group almost based on an ideological platform of some kind, staged demonstrations in Zuccotti Park and downtown Oakland, holding signs and chanting loudly. Slogans such as “F*** the police” and “We are the 99%” were heard, prompting many Americans to pause think deeply about the direction our society is going.

“How can anyone take them seriously? They look like homeless people,” said Kimberly Leo, a bartender from New York who witnessed the awe-inspiring march of triumphant college drop-outs, ex-waiters, and 16th century Dutch literature majors.

Clearly impressed by the colossal display of intellect and convincing logic, Frank Rosario of the New York Post reported:

Many who attended the group’s “General Assembly,’’ which drew nearly a thousand people to the area near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Water Street, initially refused to leave at the 10 p.m. curfew. At least six were arrested after cops had to force them to disperse.

Samantha Quaid, who works at a clothing store on the Lower East Side, said she was late for work “because of all their protesting.”

“They want more jobs? Well, they almost got mine today,” Quaid, 24, said.

The valiant demonstrators also smashed windows and beat on cars. One comrade, who was either dressed or acting like an ape, shouted from the top of a car:

“This is what it’s like to live in a police state!”

The unwashed and unshaven hero then proceeded to pound on the roof of the vehicle and throw a small temper tantrum.


A brilliant demonstrator makes his case for the 99%!

Incredibly, many union workers joined the comrades of the Great Occupy Army, demanding higher wages, lower hours, and more smoke breaks. Ten union protesters were even arrested for blocking an intersection as they tried to warn motorists of the impending doom the hard work of their bosses would bring upon the United States.

The police, of course, cracked down with unnecessary brutality by arresting protesters who had destroyed shops and tried to force businesses to close down to show “solidarity.” A record of the charges and a summary of the events leading up to many of them can be found here.

Long live the Occupy Movement! Let us all be equal – equal in misery, perhaps, but still… equal… maybe… yeah!

In case you can’t tell, I’m being sarcastic. If you really want to know what I think about the May Day Occupy Wall Street Protests, well, look here. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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6 comments on “May Day “Occupy” Rioters Really Doing Pretty Good Job Making Everyone Else Late for Work
  1. lucy says:

    Actually in NYC to witness the mayhem saw 2 groups (one marched quietly around ABC news headquarters) the others were a marching “band “of people dressed in green with instruments- most ignored them others taped them- I chose to ignore they were loud and marched in front of a bank. They just wanted attention (their temper tantrum)
    Not sure how they make a living???

  2. My wife and I consider ourselves members of the tea party, we attended a tea party event in Washington DC on April 15, 2012, then we went back for Glenn Becks Restoring Honor event on the mall. When we were at the tea party event the park service agents treated us like common criminals for merely having a Gadsden flag folded under my arm, they explained that there was no other flags allowed inside the circle of flags around the Washington Monument. We were told to put it in its box, or we would be escorted outside the circle. And now the media, covers for the occupy crowd and they stressed how dangerous the tea party was and is…. How disingenuous and offensive! The media’s hypocrisy is disgusting.

    • That was 2010 not 2012… predictive text. Blah

      • It’s incredible how we bind the power of law and order when we see mayhem in the streets. However, when people legitimately want to protest peacefully, the media turns a blind eye to enforcement errors. Only when the police turn water cannons on rioters do we see any outrage from the media. My understanding is that the media also *severely* underestimated the size of the crowd at Mr. Beck’s event – is this true?

      • We have the pictures to prove them wrong. I would say the media grossly underestimated the crowd size. We arrived around 5am to get a decent spot it was already filling up fast. By 7am most of the mall was full from the Lincoln Memorial all the way to the new WWII Monument. It was easily 500,000 to 700,000 people.

      • That’s a very impressive display of force, and one which I doubt the occupiers could match. What’s more, there were no arrests for vandalism, rape, theft, arson or murder like what’s happened at the Occupy demonstrations. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s peaceful assembly, not violent rioting, that’s protected under the first amendment.

        I really wish I could have attended the rally. Even though I don’t fully agree with Mr. Beck on a number of issues, I would like to show my solidarity with the conservative movement. Alas, my age and school prevented me from going. Next time, next time. Until then, I blog on!

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