Marine Expelled After Criticizing Obama

Armed Forces Tea Party

Can criticizing President Obama get you kicked out of the Marine Corps? Apparently, yes.

Sgt. Gary Stein, a member of the United States Marine Corps, was given an “other-than-honorable discharge” as punishment for anti-Obama comments he posted on the internet. After nine years of service, Stein will be removed from the Marines after a discipline panel found that his comments violated rules limiting political conduct of service members.

Stein had said earlier that the case against him was based on political, not legal reasoning. Furthermore, the “other-than honorable” discharge Stein received is usually reserved for members who violate the Uniform Code of Military Justice by using drugs, getting DUI’s or committing adultery. Thus Stein’s punishment has left some scratching their heads, since it puts criticizing Obama in the same class as these offenses.

The comments for which Stein was removed included one in which he called the President out for lying to the public. He also said he would refuse orders by the President that would lead to his deployment outside of constitutional bounds. While the First Amendment allows for freedom of speech for American citizens, the Department of Defense has strict guidelines regarding what members of the armed forces can and cannot say.

Stein insists he followed those guidelines, and as of tonight his Facebook page, The Armed Forces Tea Party, had over 30,000 likes.

Make that 30,001.

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4 comments on “Marine Expelled After Criticizing Obama
  1. Oh FFS- you do realize that anyone that signs up for the armed forces is covered by the uniform code of justice- which forbids critisizing the chain of command? Not unlike those like me who went/was sent to a private school- where our constitutional rights were essentially forfeit.

    Is it right? In my opinion, no. Is there a reason for it- most certainly yes.

    But don’t try and paint this as some travesty of justice- which it is not. It is part and parcel of what everyone who signs on agrees to.

    • Sorry for the delay in getting your comment posted, it seems to have gotten caught in the spam filter. In response to your remark I would say I largely agree with you. Soldiers have an obligation to serve and they sign away certain rights. I don’t think the type of discharge he received is right, but I haven’t served in the military either. It just seems wrong from my perspective. Have you served before? I’d be interested to get a service member’s perspective on this.

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