CNN Picks Up Where DYNAMO Left Off With Vandy Students’ Battle for Religious Freedom

Earlier this year, DYNAMO_politics published a post in response to the crushing injustice of a Vanderbilt University rule forcing Christian worship groups to accept non-Christian members in leadership roles. The rule, which requires students to accept club leaders who are intolerant of or downright hostile to their beliefs, immediately drew fire from religious organizations around the country.

The calls to repeal the rule have grown louder and louder, with each protest, demonstration, and speech piling pressure on the school administration to back down and put the students back in charge of their organizations. But while the fight raged on in Nashville and its environs, the mainstream media has remained largely silent on the issue. In fact, the press mostly shied away from the entire controversy, deciding to focus on more politically correct material.

But where the media was afraid to tread, DYNAMO_politics walked in boldly. Thanks to the help of Drew, a Vanderbilt student, DYNAMO was able to sound the alarm. Concerned Americans voiced their disapproval of the regulation in ever-swelling numbers. And now, perhaps bowing to the inevitable, the media is finally beginning to pick up on this ugly but important issue.

CNN, a network known for its (ahem) progressive point of view, always tries to stay on the side of political nicety. So when the news giant decides to post an article about a thorny issue like religious freedom, something must be up. Indeed, today, this article about the students’ battle popped up on the home page. Hopefully the other major news networks aren’t far behind in picking up on this important story.

Because of the hard work and determination of the valiant Vanderbilt students, liberty-loving Americans, and the readers of DYNAMO_politics, the national dialogue is being changed for the better. Citizens are beginning to wake up to the dangers of an inept and intolerant authority, latching on to the ideal of a free America that is sure to reshape the political landscape in the months to come.

If you want to fight to defeat this overt threat to the existence of religious student groups at Vanderbilt University, pay a visit to the Vanderbilt College Republicans Facebook page, like ’em, and post on their wall. Spreading the word would be the biggest help of all, so share this article around! If you have any more questions, hit us up in the comments below…

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