New Ron Paul Video Game Coming Summer 2012!

Ron Paul Video Game

Defending the Federal Reserve Building would be impossible if Ron Paul had his way...

When I read the title of this article about the new Ron Paul video game debuting this summer, the words conjured up images of the old obstetrician running around in full battle gear on the front lines in Afghanistan or Iraq, blasting away at hapless jihadists with a vulcan minigun. Then I remembered that was pretty unlikely – not because Ron Paul recently turned 76 years old, but because he is vehemently opposed to US military intervention overseas.

As it turns out, the game will be markedly different from any kind of Modern-warfare-esque first person shooter. Although Mr. Paul was a surgeon in the military, the Ron Paul Video Game fundraiser page explains that the game would be much closer to a Mario-style sidescroller. The game will have 50 levels (one per state), and players will have to defeat 13 bosses to progress, each representing the Federal Reserve or one of its 12 district banks.

Daniel Williams, the game’s creator and founder of the Ron Paul apparel site, promised the game would help further Paul’s cause by “making liberty sexy,” and floated a tentative release date of the summer of 2012.

My only question as a proud Nintendo fan is… when is it coming to Wii?

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