Hilary Rosen “Apologizes,” Calls Outrage Fake, “Phony”

Yesterday you may have witnessed just a little bit of the righteous anger Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen aroused across the web for her comment that Ann Romney, a stay-at-home mother of five and breast cancer and MS survivor, “never worked a day in her life.” The remarks sent Democrats running for cover as everyday Americans took to the internet to protest her mischaracterization of stay-at-home women – the #AnnRomney and #HilaryRosen hashtags even exceeded #JustinBeiber on twitter, according to Politico.


Thinking she could still win the debate, Rosen dug in her heels with a series of additional tweets and comments claiming Mrs. Romney was incapable of providing her husband with good ideas on the economy. Rosen also claimed that, by choosing to stay at home and raise her five boys, Ann was “out of touch” with the rest of America. But as growing pressure from the public gave even liberals no choice but to abandon her, Rosen was forced to release and apology.

The apology, which can be read here, starts of with a nice dose of self-pity. But then Rosen arrogantly calls the public fury that she sparked – get this – fake! Read for yourself:

Spare me the faux anger from the right who view the issue of women’s rights and advancement as a way to score political points… I don’t need lectures from the Republican National Committee on supporting women…”

She then claims that she has no judgements about women who choose to be stay-at-home moms (though her repeated abuse of such women on twitter and on additional TV appearances contradicts this). She finally claims that people only care about her comments because they concern Mitt Romney’s wife. After earlier referring to the ire she drew from conservatives as “phony,” this so-called apology resembles nothing more than a condescending swipe at important role stay-at-home moms play in American life.

None of the anger I saw last night was fake. Most of you out there agreed with me – Hilary Rosen’s words represent nothing less than an attack on the traditional values of motherhood. Staying at home and raising a family might not fulfill the feminist definition of “work,” but I can assure you that it’s one of the hardest jobs in the world… something the Obama campaign would do well to keep in mind from now on.

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8 comments on “Hilary Rosen “Apologizes,” Calls Outrage Fake, “Phony”
  1. Stay at home mom says:

    Ms. Rosen is misinformed about how angry a vast number of women are over her insulting comments regarding Ann Romney; which was also an insult to “all stay at home mothers”. Ms. Rosen insinuated that those of us who have stayed home to be full time mothers are out of touch, uneducated, uninformed on the issues such as the economy, world events, politics, and educational issues. Apparently Ms. Rosen is the one who is out of touch on what stay at home parenting requires such as math skills to run a household budget on one income. Many stay at home parents are highly educated college graduates Ms. Rosen. As a former Democrat who is now an Independent; I do not use a candidates’ financial wealth as a criteria; I am more concerned with their policies and their achievements.

    • I couldn’t have put it better myself. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who don’t understand the implications of either candidate’s policies and so rely on bogus issues that aren’t even relevant to governing to make an “informed decision.” People like Rosen prey on such voters with their ad hominem attacks.

      I’d also imagine it’s very difficult being an Independent, especially in today’s political climate. Have you decided on a candidate yet? Of course, you still have a lot of time, but most people are at least leaning one way or the other right now. I’d be curious to hear an Independent’s perspective on the race thus far.

      • Stay at home mom says:

        Yes it is difficult being an Independent because I see the failings of the Democrats and the Republicans. I was one of the Illinois voters who were fooled by State Senator Obama and voted for him to represent us in the U.S. Senate. He promised his constituents that he would not run for a higher office until he finished working on Illinois’ deficits, high unemployment, loss of dozens of corporations to other states and overseas, and high crime rates in Chicago. I was a supporter of Hillary Clinton for President, so I followed the primary campaign very carefully and as an Illinois resident was privy to evidence of the Chicago “pay for play politics” and the voter fraud that is still being litigated that Obama’s campaign used with the DNC’s approval. I know that this next presidential election will be the most divisive for our country; based on the way the DNC has become not my grandfather or father’s political party that had integrity.

        Obama ran for the Illinois senate seat as a uniter of all ethnic races; and now he has failed in that respect as our President. The racial tensions have increased across the country. If anyone disagrees with the policies of the administration, you are accused of racism. Here in Illinois, we put our “hopes” in Obama, he let us down.

        I am not that impressed with the Republican party either. I watched all the Republican debates to get a better perspective of their character, policies and experience. I realize that there will be no one that will be able to solve all our economic problems overnight; but I am looking for the ability to develop a plan that will create the environment for people to sustain their small businesses and hire people. I have three sons who have college degrees and only one was able to get hired as an engineer; the other two are working minimum wage blue collar jobs to try and pay their college loans. This is not what was the potential for college graduates when I went to college for my teaching degree. I also lost my job as an elementary school teacher due to Illinois policies that allow principals to lay off teachers with less than four years within a school district. As an educator, I do not like the tenure system; I feel teachers should be kept based on performance. My situation, was an administration that would lay off at least a dozen teachers every year in order to keep things fresh and hire new teachers that matched their personalities. The teacher’s union is not able to do anything to change this policy, they only help tenured teachers.

        So when I see women like Hilary Rosen, who is always negative and sharp tongued; insult other women who do not agree with her political views, I get very disillusioned.

        Sorry for my long rant.

      • Don’t be sorry! I think this is one of the best comments I’ve ever read. It accurately sums up most of the concerns people have with our political system. I want to help change the GOP to solve the deficiencies you’ve pointed out. I think there are problems with both parties, but I also recognize the fact that the two parties control most of the politics in our country. I kind of want to work within the system in order to change it. And I also believe that the GOP is a better party than the Democrats – which is why I support them so freverntly. But I totally understand your concerns, especially about Obama – which is why we need to get him out of office in 2012.

      • Stay at home mom says:

        I agree; the GOP is more rational and willing to see realities and make efforts to improve our country. When I listen to Democrats here in Chicago and on the media, I feel like I am in an irrational, alternate universe. Here in “Obama land”, he is worshipped and the Socialist agenda is very prevelant; those of us who disagree have to be very quiet and choose our words very carefully. During the 2008 campaign, I was teaching in an elementary school where the Democratic agenda was the answer to everything; even those of us who supported Hillary kept that to ourselves. There were four conservatives on staff out of 60 staff members, and they were very careful not to stir up the “coolaide drinkers”.

        Even my own sons, who are a product of the public school system and the state university system, are very liberal. My husband and I never were very political or imposed a political agenda. I can not even get my sons to see through the fog of irrational thinking the liberals have put around our children’s generation. I saw the liberal curriculum from the inside and it is a tough barrier put around our children.

        Our fathers were Democrats and union members due to their blue collar jobs that required their membership. As an adult I started to look at both the Republicans and Democrats for each election and have voted across the political lines. As a teacher I had to join the union and had my dues deducted from every paycheck. Every local election the union campaigned for every Democrat and of course for Obama; not Hillary Clinton, only for Obama. It was a fixed election for Obama from the very beginning here in Chicago, Hillary did not stand a chance in Illinois. Now, again the fraud that I have heard about the Democrats for the upcoming election is very scary. The GOP I feel do not realize the fraud and dirty tricks they are facing. This election is not the same “fair” election of decades past, the fraud will even be more rampant than it was in 2008.

        Representative Allen West from Florida, who said that there were Communist Democrats in Congress, which is true; will find his life very difficult and should be very careful. I give him credit for his bravery and patriotism.

  2. I’ve only heard rumors of these “dirty tricks.” I’d like to learn a little more about them so they could be brought to light.

    I also find your perspective as an educator and former Democrat interesting. Would you be interested in sharing your story in the form of a post on the DYNAMO blog? It’s important that we show the public some of the abuses that are occuring on a daily basis with their tax money and power.

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