DYNAMO Growing in Strength!

Sometime late last night, our reader count crossed into the quadruple digits! I’m very appreciative of the support and loyalty of our (now over) 1,000 viewers. Together, we are changing minds and showing America the new way forward. We are continually demonstrating the strength and logic of the Modern Conservative philosophy. And we are proving that America’s last, best hope is a return to our historical roots of a limited government, a productive populace, and a sound national defense. Our readers are more informed and thus better armed than their detractors, and in debate, as in life, we have proven that we are an unbeatable force. None of this would be possible without the support of our fantastic readers, and for that, I thank you.

– M.Y.

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One comment on “DYNAMO Growing in Strength!
  1. […] night, DYNAMO_politics rocketed right through the 2,000-view ceiling! It took us four months to reach 1,000 views, but a mere five weeks to reach 2,000 – an incredible achievement no matter how you look at […]

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