Lugar Repays $14k Owed to Government

Richard Lugar

Senator Dick Lugar has been fighting a fierce battle for reelection against primary challenger Richard Mourdock in an effort to add more time to his 35 years in office. At the heart of Mourdock’s challenge is a charge that Lugar is simply out of touch with the Hoosiers he represents. Recently, Mourdock’s campaign even alleged that Richard Lugar can’t be able to vote in Indiana because he hasn’t maintained a residence there since 1977.

Surprisingly, this accusation is true. In fact, Lugar only rented out hotel rooms in Indiana while maintaining his real residence in McLean, Virginia. But under state election law, Lugar is still allowed to vote (and represent Indiana) because he can claim an old family farm as his home on election documents. It looked as though Lugar would get off scott-free from these charges, until an audit revealed that Lugar owed the Federal Treasury over $14k in unpaid hotel bills for his “home” in Indiana.

Lugar himself has cut a check to make up the difference, and his campaign blames a misunderstanding of Senate rules was the culprit for the finance snafu. But Mourdock’s campaign continues to assert that this is just another example of clueless behavior from an obsolete career politician whose time is finally up.

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6 comments on “Lugar Repays $14k Owed to Government
  1. Alex Panos says:

    I will be very disappointed in you guys up there, if Lugar wins the primary. Go Mourdock!

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