Super Tuesday Guide – Part 3: Santorum’s Struggle


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Rick Santorum has to pull an upset tonight to change the rhetoric of the game. So far, Romney’s been the clear frontrunner. Even in states where he’s been polling behind, such as Ohio, Romney is still somehow expected to win. A frontrunner gets this kind of momentum put on him as a sort of advantage – Santorum should try to turn it into a weakness.

Here’s how: If Santorum can pull off a win in Ohio (thought DYNAMO predicts it will be Romney who gets the “W”), he can play the “Romney is a weak frontrunner and a weak Republican” card all the way to the convention. There’s a huge possibility if that happens for the Santorum camp: such an outcome would mean Rick can stay in the race until May, stealing enough delegates to call for a brokered convention. Then, whatever happens is anyone’s guess.

That’s really Santorum’s only hope because while it’s possible to see a way for Romney to lose, it’s nearly impossible to see a way for any of the other candidates to win. Romney has a triple-digit delegate count, whereas Santorum still hasn’t broken 100. If anything, tonight’s events will help clarify the race, contrary to Democratic speculation. This outcome is contingent on one fact though – if Ohio swings for Santorum, it’s a new ballgame altogether.

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