Mitt Romney Increasingly Confident in Ohio

Team Mitt!

With Super Tuesday just days away, Mitt Romney looks to be gaining momentum in the critical swing state of Ohio. After having been down to rival Rick Santorum by double digits in the polls just over a week ago, Romney looks to be storming back, surging to a statistical tie after a strong showing in Michigan and Arizona. Most polls give Santorum 34% of the vote to Romney’s 32%, but with a margin of error of more than 4%, the Ohio contest is basically tied up.

Romney has signaled his optimism by shifting criticism from Santorum to President Obama, preparing for the possibility of a one-on-one matchup with the President in November. This might not be the best move, however. In past contests, Romney was too quick to let up on his rivals and go after Obama, allowing them to eke out enough small victories to keep the race competitive. A more prudent strategy would be for Romney to continue his attacks on Santorum as a Washington insider.

Nevertheless, the race is a dead heat at the moment, with Ohio GOP insiders claiming that Romney is likely to win on Tuesday. If he doesn’t, this nomination fight will just become messier and more damaging to the candidates – but if he does, and does well in other states, the picture of who the Republican nominee will be will become much more clear.

DYNAMO_politics will be publishing an official Super Tuesday Primary Guide in peices over the next few days. Be prepared to learn more about the biggest contest of the year than you ever wanted to… uh, I mean… thought possible!

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